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Someone willing to review and critique?

Hi folks,

Would someone be willing to read and critique one or more first-person essays? I have four that I'm polishing for publication. One is about D&D turning 30, one is about the frustration of finding good-looking clothes that fit when you're not stick-thin, one is about my experiences with the unemployment office, and the last is about my foray into a short career of B&E in order to rescue a family heirloom.

If possible I'd also love some suggestions updating on my resume.

If you're willing to look at any of the above, please drop me a line, either here in the comments or email me at laurahcory _(at)_ yahoo -dot- com.

Also, how do you handle stuff that you've written under a pseudonym? I want to include some of these pieces in my clips file but I'm not sure what to do -- attach a note saying "Such-and-such is the name I write under for X type of publications"?

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