hca (hca) wrote in writer_talk,

Synopses and outlines

Hey folks.

I have a synopsis and oh, three-quarters of an outline (required by some agencies), and I firmly believe they suck.

Part of my problem is that I have nothing to compare them to. I know I asked for samples once before and no one had any to share... but would anyone be willing to read the synposis and outline I have written, and offer suggestions? Or could you point me to a friend of a friend of a friend who knows what they're supposed to look like?

Many thanks.
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Sure. Email 'em to me at catie at cemurphy dot net.
I'd be happy to. Also, I'm working on my novel outline and would be happy to send to you when I'm done.

Mur, I thought I had an e-mail address for you, but it just bounced back. Would you send me yours? Or ask our mutual friend Fish to send me yours, or something?

I think Fish should give us all email addresses at Grumble. But then, I also think he should pay us. :P
Many many thanks. I'll send 'em out over the weekend.