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Writers' Discussion Group

10th January, 2005. 11:51 am. Writing Contests List -- any others?(a_nightengale)

(crossposted to laurahcory)

Source for writers interested in submitting to contests:


Does anyone else have a good source for this kind of info?

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9th January, 2005. 1:24 pm. Writers: Tom Howard/John H. Reid Short Story Contest -- Legit?(a_nightengale)

(crossposted to laurahcory)

Has anyone else heard of these folks? Are they legit?



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10th September, 2004. 6:56 pm.(kalluna)

Ganked from arthane

How To Write A Best Selling Fantasy Novel

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24th August, 2004. 9:00 am. Someone willing to review and critique?(a_nightengale)

Hi folks,

Would someone be willing to read and critique one or more first-person essays? I have four that I'm polishing for publication. One is about D&D turning 30, one is about the frustration of finding good-looking clothes that fit when you're not stick-thin, one is about my experiences with the unemployment office, and the last is about my foray into a short career of B&E in order to rescue a family heirloom.

If possible I'd also love some suggestions updating on my resume.

If you're willing to look at any of the above, please drop me a line, either here in the comments or email me at laurahcory _(at)_ yahoo -dot- com.

Also, how do you handle stuff that you've written under a pseudonym? I want to include some of these pieces in my clips file but I'm not sure what to do -- attach a note saying "Such-and-such is the name I write under for X type of publications"?


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19th July, 2004. 11:22 pm. Did another 1500 words tonight(a_nightengale)

Feeling pretty good about this novel thing. :) Of course, I'll probably get bogged down at some point but for now it's going well.

Current mood: pleased.

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18th July, 2004. 1:49 pm. The story is under way(a_nightengale)

I've written the first 2,000 words this morning/afternoon on a new novel. I've got a rough idea of where it's going and how it ends and I guess I could make an outline. For those of you who use outlines, are they helpful, or do they get in the way? If you don't use an outline, why not?

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18th June, 2004. 9:53 am.(hca)

Would anyone be willing to read and comment on a sci-fi short story of mine? I'm pretty happy with it up until the end, which may fall a little flat. (Someone else--the person who inspired the story--agrees that it might fall a little flat, but doesn't have any advice for how to fix that. I'd be looking for advice.)

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7th May, 2004. 9:32 pm.(sailormur)

So what do you do when you write a story, send it out, and it gets rejected a couple of times? One person said my story had "good writing but didn't keep my interest". So do I rewrite? Cut? Think they are idiots and send the story to someone else as-is?

I know you can't make an official decision without actually reading it, but overall, do you edit when you get rejected?

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30th April, 2004. 8:47 pm.(sailormur)

Can someone explain fanfic to me? I'm really not trying to be a snob, but I just don't understand how people can put so much effort into writing something that a) they will never be allowed to sell, and b) could possibly get them sued.

Has fanfic ever worked out for anyone? I am not counting that the mere writing pracitce makes you a better writer. I'm talking about someone getting a job as a script writer, for instance.

Current mood: curious.

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20th April, 2004. 5:46 pm. Synopses and outlines(hca)

Hey folks.

I have a synopsis and oh, three-quarters of an outline (required by some agencies), and I firmly believe they suck.

Part of my problem is that I have nothing to compare them to. I know I asked for samples once before and no one had any to share... but would anyone be willing to read the synposis and outline I have written, and offer suggestions? Or could you point me to a friend of a friend of a friend who knows what they're supposed to look like?

Many thanks.

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